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International Activities and Projects

ENTAM, the European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines, is made up of public institutions who co-operate in order to improve their activities in the field of agricultural engineering through common projects and activities.

An international effort to guarantee independent and harmonised testing systems

Regarding the voluntary or compulsory testing in the field of agricultural engineering ENTAM testing stations assess:

  1. performances
  2. safety
  3. environmental protection
  4. animal welfare requirements in animal husbandry.

According to the ENTAM agreement every testing system is always based on official international standards (ISO, EN, OECD). To reach the aim of a common testing activity the different testing stations belonging to the ENTAM Members work for a common system called Entam Common Methodology.

The ENTAM common methodology consist of technical instruction which are discussed, approved and updated unanimously by the specific Technical Working Group held by the ENTAM Members. The ENTAM common methodology remains confidential and is not published. On the Test section of this web site you will find the test reports, a summary of the test results and measurements made by the technicians.

The ENTAM Technical Working Group is made up of the experts in a particular type of machine or equipment designated by the ENTAM Members and its aim is to define an ENTAM Common Methodology for testing that kind of machine or equipment according to the international standards assuring a uniform testing by the different testing stations within the ENTAM.

The Team of Competence (according to the agreement statements) is made of a restricted group of experts chosen among those of the corresponding ENTAM Technical Working Group and is in charge of the ENTAM recognition of the test assuring the correspondence of the technical paper data to the related ENTAM common methodology". The introduction of the Team of Competence allow the network to be more flexible and reactive in specialized mechanization sectors.

The ENTAM Technical Working Groups ("TWG") currently active are the following:

  • The PLANT PROTECTION TWG, which is the first technical working group established by the ENTAM Members. Today, thanks to this TWG work, several common methodologies for crop protection machines and equipments testing are available. As it is possible to see with a simple search in the data base, the testing of this kind of machines represent the majority of ENTAM recognition released.
    The ENTAM Members who work in this Technical Working Group are: BLT - Austria (Franz Handler), CEMAGREF - France (Bernadette Ruelle), CMA - Spain (Francesc Solanelles), ENAMA - Italy (represented by DEIAFA - University of Turin: Paolo Balsari, Paolo Marucco, Mario Tamagnone), HIAE - Hungary, (Guly�s, Kov�cs), JKI - Germany (Heinz Ganzelmeier and Detlef Stieg), PIMR - Poland (Jan Radniecki), NAGREF - Greece and ART - Switzerland.
    The Team of Competence is made of the expert by JKI, ENAMA, PIMR, HIAE, CMA, the team of competence leader is Prof. Heinz Ganzelmeier.
  • The IRRIGATION TWG, in which CEMAGREF (France) and EMA-Centre (Spain) are working side by side thanks to their experts: Mr Bruno Molle (Cemagref - laboratoire LERMI, Aix en Provence) and Mr Alejandro S�nchez de Ribera Gonz�lez (Central Laboratory for Irrigation Equipment and Material Testing, Madrid).
  • The MINERAL FERTILIZER SPREADERS TWG is represented by Krister Persson - Denmark (AU-DAE), Emmanuel Piron - France (CEMAGREF), Ulrich Rubenschuh - Germany (DLG), Tomasz Szulc and Jerzy Breczewsky - Poland (PIMR). The Team of Competence Leader is Mr Krister Persson. Members who joined the ToC are: CEMAGREF, DIAS, DLG, PIMR.
  • The MIXER FEEDER WAGONS TWG is made by: Franz Nydegger (ART), Carlo Bisaglia (CRA-ING representing ENAMA), Harald Reubolt (DLG), Zsolt Kelemen and Szilvia Orosz (HIAE), Sylwester Weymann and Radek CIECHACKI (PIMR).
    The Team of Competence Leader is Mr Carlo Bisaglia, the Team of competence is made by the same experts.
  • The ORGANIC FERTILIZER SPREADERS TWG started its activity in 2009, thanks to the work of Dominique Didelot, Jacky Mazoyer, Marc Rousselet - France (CEMAGREF), Franz Handler - Austria (BLT); Ulrich Rubenschuh - Germany (DLG), Carlo Bisaglia - Italy (CRA-ING representing ENAMA), ENAMA - Italy (represented by DEIAFA - University of Turin: Elio Di Nuccio, Mario Tamagnone).

Technical group meetings occur whenever an update or revision is needed and are hosted in one of the Members' testing facilities. The "Plant Protection technical group" meeting took place in Braunschweig on the 16th and the 17th of July 2007, and on September 10th and 11th 2008 always in Braunschweig at the JKI headquarters. The technical meeting for the "Mineral Fertilizer Spreaders" was held in Gro�-Umstadt, on April 3rd, 2008. A meeting of the "Mixer Feeder Wagons" technical group took place in Treviglio, the 28th of April, 2008. Further meetings are going to be organized before the 2009 ENTAM annual meeting.

The participation of the ENTAM members delegates is crucial for the correct definition and approval of the ENTAM Common Methodologies.

Moreover ENTAM, is involved in many projects both at national and international levels. National projects are carried out by our partners in their own countries, while international projects see the participation of various national testing stations and other external bodies.

International projects

Safety First

New competences for a competitive European agricultural machinery industry

A pilot project carried out within the Leonardo da Vinci Programme (Phase II), Safety First was conceived as a �laboratory� aimed at helping industry professionals to adapt their everyday work competences in order to manage changes deriving from regulatory harmonisation and technological innovation.
The project also contributed to the definition of a theoretical reference model for higher education curricula updating, in order to adapt the latter to current industry requirements.

National projects



A requalification path for agricultural mechanisation workers

Funded by the Equal Community Initiative (a laboratory for new ideas to the European Employment Strategy and the Social inclusion process), the Perequal project is aimed at supporting adaptation and development processes of the Italian agricultural mechanisation sector which is currently facing fast technological, economic, productive, organisational and regulatory changes.
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