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update of the ENTAM Technical instruction for sprayer TEST
Notice to the Entam members: following the last ENTAM Technical Working Group on plant protection (Bologna, Ocotber 2014) the 1) air assisted sprayers and 2) field crop sprayer technical instructions for the ENTAM TEST were updated. Please download the current version in the reserved area.

2014 ENTAM workshop of the Technical Working Group “Plant Protection“
The Entam Technical working group "Plant protection" will take place in Bologna on the 24th October 2014. at the UNACOMA Headquarters, Viale Aldo Moro, 64 - Tower n. 1.

ENTAM is testing the agricultural tyre energy efficiency
The ENTAM has settled up a new Technical Working Group in order to draft a common methodology to test the agricultural tyre energy efficiency, in close cooperation with one of the biggest tyre manufacturer.

Liberatori, S.: Standards for sprayers and cooperation of test stations for mutual recognition in Europe
Paper of the Conference “Chemistry of crop protection: progress and prospects in science and regulation”. Date: 2003 pp. 252-261 Paper Title: "Standards for sprayers and cooperation of test stations for mutual recognition in Europe". The book documents thirty invited lecures at the 10th IUPAC International Congress on the Chemistry of Crop Protection, Basle, Switzerland, 4-9th August, 2002. Author: Sandro Liberatori, Director of ENAMA - Ente Nazionale della Meccanizzazione Agricola, coordination centre of ENTAM - European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines, Via Venafro 5 - 00159, Roma, Italy. Author Email: sandro.liberatori@enama.it Editors: Voss, G.;Ramos, G. ISBN: 3-527-30540-8

Press release on ENTAM certification system
A press article (author: Limongelli, R., ENAMA) which describes the activity of ENTAM and the way it works.

2013 meeting of the ENTAM Technical Group for Plant Protection
The participation to the working group meeting is limited to the ENTAM Members. The Plant Protection working group meeting will focus on important updates of the technical instruction used for the common testing of plant protection machines. The expert of DISAFA (University of Turin), ENAMA (Italy), JKI (Germany), MGI (Hungary), PIMR (Poland) will update the ENTAM technical instructions used by the ENTAM testing centre for the test of Field crop and air-assisted sprayers according the new ISO and EN norms.

ENTAM annual meeting
The ENTAM annual meeting will take place in Terni (Italy) from the 3rd to the 5th of July, 2012. the participation is reserved to the Members representatives. Under the usual coordination of the ENAMA the aim of this annual meeting is tho strengthen the legal entity of the association in order to assure the right visibility to the Association in fron of national and international Institutions.

Smart AgriMatics - Public Private Partership workshop

ENTAM Newsletter n. 4-2011
The ENTAM Newsletter is back, few lines that would like to remind dates, stimulate feedback and, if necessary, critics!

ENTAM Newsletter n. 3
The 2011 ENTAM annual meeting is approaching (Rome from the 20 to 21 of June 2011). Activities are going on and ENTAM EEIG could be a reality for June 2011.

ENTAM Newsletter n. 1/2011
- This is the first ENTAM newsletter of 2011. As you may see there are new activities going on. Please provide the ENTAM office useful information on your activities, tests, etc. For any information please contact the ENTAM Office: giulio.fancello@enama.it

ENTAM Newsletter n. 2
This is the second ENTAM Newsletter and we hope that you will find it interesting and useful in order to be updated with all the activities and news of the ENTAM - European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines.

ENTAM MEETING Energy efficiency of agricultural tyres: Proposal for a standard test SIMA - Paris - FRANCE 23rd of February, 2011
This meeting is aimed to discuss a proposal of a standard test for evaluating the energy efficiency of agricultural tyres. The participation is for ENTAM Members only.

12.11.2010 - Bologna: Workshop of the ENTAM working group for Organic Manure Spreaders
the meeting will take place inside the EIMA fair at 13:30 of the 12 November 2010, at the PADIGLIONE 33/34 - Ufficio n. 3. In order to reach the meeting room please have a look at the EIMA fair web site: http://www.eima.it/en/fiera.php

2010 Workshop of the ENTAM Technical Group for Plant Protection
the 2010 Workshop of the ENTAM Technical Group for Plant Protection will take place on the 5th – 6th October 2010, at the JKI test centre in Braunschweig (Germany). This event is reserved to the ENTAM members only.

ENTAM meeting of the Technical Working Group of FORESTRY machinery and Equipment
The first ENTAM meeting of the Technical Working Group of FORESTRY machinery and Equipment will take place in Gross Umstadt in the KWF hedquarters on Tuesday 13 of September 2010.

Italian certification system.
An article which give interesting information on italian certification system has been published by 'machinery world' a monthly magazine edited by the Italian association of agricultural machines association (UNACOMA). Its author is Roberto Limongelli, head of certification department at the ENAMA, whose work is greatly appreciated among the ENTAM colleagues too. If you want to read the article you can download it here (there is the english translation too). You can also download the all the magazine edited at http://www.unacoma.it/en/informati/mmacchina_ewsearch.php

Funded Seminars for Project Management and Planning of European Projects
Dear ENTAM Members, For those of you involved (or that whish to know more about) in European Projects interested. These initiatives are financed by the Grundtvig program. The courses will take place in Athens and can be funded 100% (Travel, Accommodation, meals, training course and material) by the Grundtvig/Comenius National Agency in your country. Please note that you need to apply till 30th April 2010!

technical working group on “Machinery for Hillside Farming”
Dear ENTAM Members, following my previous mail I send you the Agenda and registration form to attend the first technical working group on “Machinery for Hillside Farming” that will take place on May 4th, 2010 in Feldkirch at the Hotel Alpenrose Rosengasse 6 6800 Feldkirch.

Eco-design Methods and Tools for Agricultural Technologies
3 – 4 September 2010 International workshop Clermont Ferrand Campus des Cézeaux University site Montoldre – Cemagref Experimental Site

ENTAM meeting on ECO TECHNOLOGIES: Paris 25 February 2010

Mixer feeder meeting in Wageningen - 15 March 2010

2009 ENTAM Annual meeting
The motto of the 2009 ENTAM Annual meeting was: 10 years of testing network in Europe… and beyond! This means that ENTAM has actually overcome the European borders and Russia, Brazil and Argentina are part of the Network. Moreover the new Agreement and Annex, approved during the Montoldre meeting, acknowledge the changes occurred in the last 10 years and set new challenges for the ENTAM Members. I want to thank again very much for their excellent hospitality and organization the Cemagref and all the people that shared with us those days .. right in the centre of Europe! Giulio Fancello

New ENTAM recognition of a soil tilling machine
The ENTAM recognition n. 8/2009 has been granted to an italian manufacturer specialized in soil tilling machinery: the MASCHIO group.

5 new ENTAM recognitions
In the last month 5 new ENTAM recognition were issued. This important result has been achieved thanks to the cooperation of all Members of the ENTAM network.

New logo and a 12-year strategic plan for Cemagref
Cemagref, the French ENTAM Member, has recently changed teh logo and issued the “Cemagref 2020 strategic plan”, planning its future activities over the coming 12-year period.

ENTAM international projects
Following the experience of the Leonardo da Vinci Safety First project, ENTAM Members and other Institutions are invited to read carefully the last call for proposals of Lifelong Learning Programme.

Brazil, Bulgary, Russia join the ENTAM
After the ENTAM 15th Annual meeting new Members join the network. The ENTAM 15th Annual meeting in Tanikon was attended by a delegation of some of the candidates members wich are now admitted as "observer members".

ENTAM 's 15th Annual Meeting
ENTAM's 15th Annual Meeting to take place at ART in Taenikon (Switzerland) on June 16-17, 2008

ENTAM test database hits the scene
The first version of the database on agricultural machinery tested by ENTAM partners is finally online.

Crop protection machines: ENTAM redefines test methodologies
Plant Protection Technical Group meets in Germany

ENTAM's brand-new website and... image
Working Communication has developed a new institutional website for ENTAM as part of a general plan to restyle the organisation's corporate image.


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