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ENTAM's brand-new website and... image

Working Communication logo 15/05/2007 - Working Communication has developed a new institutional website for ENTAM as part of a general plan to restyle the organisation's corporate image.

ENTAM is currently undergoing a major redefinition of its mission and objectives, which will involve a radical change of its corporate image.

Working Communication has been entrusted with the complex task of restyling ENTAM’s logo and redesigning its website to accompany this new exciting phase of transition. A team consisting of a graphic designer, two web designers, three linguists and two IT engineers will work together with a common goal: that of helping ENTAM to communicate its excellence.

The preliminary results of this major communication overhaul will be presented at ENTAM’s 14th Annual Meeting, which will take place in Venice on 17 and 18 May 2007. During the meeting, in which ENTAM members will discuss the future role of the organisation within a European and global context, Working Communication will present its proposals for:

  • a new corporate logo
  • a new institutional website
  • a new database of tested agricultural machines.
After having listened to the feedback of ENTAM members, the Working Communication team will carry on its work over the next few months to build a new, strong image for the organisation.


ENTAM European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines
c/o ENAMA, Via Venafro, 5 - 00159 Rome - Italy
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