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Liberatori, S.: Standards for sprayers and cooperation of test stations for mutual recognition in Europe

13/06/2013 - Paper of the Conference “Chemistry of crop protection: progress and prospects in science and regulation”. Date: 2003 pp. 252-261 Paper Title: "Standards for sprayers and cooperation of test stations for mutual recognition in Europe". The book documents thirty invited lecures at the 10th IUPAC International Congress on the Chemistry of Crop Protection, Basle, Switzerland, 4-9th August, 2002. Author: Sandro Liberatori, Director of ENAMA - Ente Nazionale della Meccanizzazione Agricola, coordination centre of ENTAM - European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines, Via Venafro 5 - 00159, Roma, Italy. Author Email: sandro.liberatori@enama.it Editors: Voss, G.;Ramos, G. ISBN: 3-527-30540-8

Chemistry of Crop Protection - ARTICOLO LIBERATORI

This paper presents the European and international standards which ensure state-of-the-art of sprayers and lead to uniform criteria for evaluation of machineries. These standards are developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardization. The European testing stations which decided to cooperate and signed an agreement in 1999 funded the ENTAM- European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines. This paper concerns the following issues: Globalisation and Common Standards High Standards for State of the Art Sprayers Standardisation and Use of Standards Standardisation and Crop Protection Machines ENTAM: An International Experience What is ENTAM The Development of a Common Methodology The Report: A Printed Document for European Agriculture Three Aspects: Performance, Environment, Safety Guarantee for Farmers, Dealers and Manufacturers Machines, Chemicals, Environment, Farmer, Agricultural Products: A Unique Dynamic System.


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