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ENTAM test database hits the scene

Image of ENTAM recognition logo 19/10/2007 - The first version of the database on agricultural machinery tested by ENTAM partners is finally online.

213 machines, 35 machine categories, 128 manufacturers: these are the figures of the new ENTAM database launched today on entam.net.
The test database, which will rapidly grow in the next few months with the publication of test reports by ENTAM partners, contains data on both ENTAM registered and recognised machines and has been specifically designed to improve visibility of tested machines on the Web, a clear advantage for both manufacturers and farmers throughout Europe.

More visibility for tested machines
The new test database contains data on: manufacturer, machine category, testing partner, date of  test, recognitions obtained by ENTAM partners plus test documentation (pdf file of the test report, which contains all the relevant features of the machines and the results of the performance tests carried out) and additional information and notes, as well as product images when available.

Database designers have made sure that all product sheets inserted in the database can be easily scanned by search engines thus guaranteeing higher visibility for the machines on the Web. It is planned to insert new test reports of recognised machines within 24 hours from certification and recognised machines will enjoy greater prominence on the site.
Thanks to the new test database, manufacturers can now improve visibility of their tested products in the most important European markets while farmers can find more easily quality-certified machines in their own country.

What are ENTAM registered and recognised machines?
ENTAM registration is the “first step” of the ENTAM procedure which implies that the machines have been submitted to testing procedures in one of the partners’ testing laboratories and are therefore certified in at least one European country.
Any manufacturer requiring European-level certification in other EU countries can apply for ENTAM recognition. The “ENTAM recognized” logo is awarded when a test report, which should be registered by the proposing Member with its own number, has been sent to the ENTAM office and has obtained recognition from at least two other ENTAM Member institutions. The test recognition procedure is the “value added” of the ENTAM network and is explained in detail in the ENTAM website.


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