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Crop protection machines: ENTAM redefines test methodologies

Photo of BBA Brunswick headquarters 18/10/2007 - Plant Protection Technical Group meets in Germany

The definition and adaptation of ENTAM test methodologies for crop protection machines was the main theme of ENTAM's latest Plant Protection Technical Group meeting which was held in Braunschweig (Germany) on 16-17 July 2007, at BBA (Biologischen Bundesanstalt für Land- und Forstwirtschaft) headquarters. 


Meeting agenda

The meeting focused on the following issues:

  1. Test methodologies for the inspection of sprayers in use: drawing up and practical demonstrations;
  2. Test methodologies for knapsack sprayers: rewriting and adaptation to comply with ISO 19932 standard;
  3. Test methodologies for the measurement of air speed on multi-row (air-assisted) sprayers and for the definition of tank volume residue limits: changes and adaptations.

ENTAM testing for global players

The meeting was closed by an open discussion on the importance and attraction of Entam testing for global players in the agricultural machinery industry.

Participants agreed on the proposal – put forward by prof. Balsari – to organize a new workshop on ENTAM testing in the Spring of 2008, involving both ENTAM members and representatives of European agricultural machinery manufacturers and farmers.

The Plant Protection Technical Group meeting was attended by:

  • Paolo Balsari, Paolo Marucco, Mario Tamagnone (DEIAFA – University of Turin) representing ENAMA's testing station;
  • Mr Gulyás and Mr Kovács representing HIAE's testing station;
  • Heinz Ganzelmeier, Detlef Stieg, Mr Osteroth and Mr Herbst representing BBA's testing station, and
  • ENTAM secretary, Giulio Fancello.


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