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Eco-design Methods and Tools for Agricultural Technologies

18/02/2010 - 3 – 4 September 2010 International workshop Clermont Ferrand Campus des Cézeaux University site Montoldre – Cemagref Experimental Site


Time has come to foster the environmental technologies or "eco-tech".

 In 2004, the European Commission launched ETAP (the Environmental Technology Action Plan), which, in 2010, will lead to a directive

introducing an ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) system, so as to facilitate recognition of manufacturers’ efforts by the market. In France, the Grenelle Environment Forum has also recommended investing in "environmentally-friendly intensive and sustainable agriculture".

In relation to the AgEng 2010 conference, the focus will be on applied research in the area of eco-design practices serving agricultural equipment.

AXEMA in France, along with CEMA and ENTAM in Europe, are keen to take part in this initiative.

Please visit the web site www.ecotechs2010.com 

The aim of this workshop:


- to see how the concept is being applied in firms in the sector;

- to reflect on ways in which its implementation could be increased, with an ambition that could go as far as European ecolabelling

- to present the innovative methods and tools being developed, particularly those stemming from the ANR-Ecodefi project;


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