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New logo and a 12-year strategic plan for Cemagref

17/02/2009 - Cemagref, the French ENTAM Member, has recently changed teh logo and issued the “Cemagref 2020 strategic plan”, planning its future activities over the coming 12-year period.

The ENTAM Member Cemagref decided to plan its future activities over the coming 12-year period.

To mark this important decision a new logo and a review has been adopted.

The recently issued “Cemagref 2020 strategic plan” points out the strategy to become a leading institute in
environmental science supporting innovation and public policies for sustainable management of land and water.
Cemagref is launching an ambitious program focusing on its three fields of excellence, i.e. land,
water and environmental technologies. The Cemagref strategy targets three major scientific challenges: environmental quality, territorial development, vulnerability and risks management. These challenges will represent a large part of the institute’s scientific and technical activity and will be present also in the activities of testing of agricultural machinery and equipments. The recent “Preliminary concept note for boosting Ecotechnologies development by Agro-service” presented in Brussels by the CEMAGREF colleague, Dominique Didelot, shows clearly how these challenges can be implemented in the testing of agricultural machines planning and methodology. The interest in this new approach has been shared by the ENTAM partners during the technical meetings held recently.
Moreover this strategy calls for renewed partnerships on the regional, national, European and
international levels. This is also one of the strong point of the ENTAM network. For this reason the capacity of Cemagref, as well as of the other ENTAM Members, to maintain its attractiveness for researchers, engineers, technicians and research-support personnel, will play a key role in the success of the ENTAM in the future.

More info on the "Cemagref 2020 strategic plan" can be found at the web site: http://www.cemagref.fr/English/Plan_stratégique_BD.pdf


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