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2013 meeting of the ENTAM Technical Group for Plant Protection

12/06/2013 - The participation to the working group meeting is limited to the ENTAM Members. The Plant Protection working group meeting will focus on important updates of the technical instruction used for the common testing of plant protection machines. The expert of DISAFA (University of Turin), ENAMA (Italy), JKI (Germany), MGI (Hungary), PIMR (Poland) will update the ENTAM technical instructions used by the ENTAM testing centre for the test of Field crop and air-assisted sprayers according the new ISO and EN norms.

The agenda of the meeting for the 2013 Workshop of the ENTAM Technical Group for Plant Protection 12-13 June 2013, DISAFA – University of Torino Venue: Via L. da Vinci 44, Grugliasco (TO) Contact preson: Mr. Paolo Marucco - Phone: +390116708599 – Email: paolo.marucco@unito.it First session: Wednesday 12 June, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. 1. Welcome 2. Communication from ENTAM secretary about last resolutions taken in ENTAM Steering Committee. 3. Regulations for the transfer of recognitions and the printing of new/changed reports. 4. Possibilities to speed up the recognition procedure of tests. 5. Field crop and air-assisted sprayers: necessity to update present TI with ISO FDIS 16119 requirements (especially concerning drift control and cleaning aspects). 6. Requirements for the accuracy of the contents indicator scaling of induction hoppers. 7. Limits of uncertainty for each test when they are accredited 8. Discussion about the instrument performance and accuracy according to the prescriptions of the ISO/EN standards (sometimes there can be misinterpretations due to the wording of the standard). 9. Field crop sprayers and air-assisted sprayers: discussion on possibility to ask manufacturer about the minimum and maximum nozzle flow rate allowed on his sprayer in order to limit some tests only to significant nozzles Second session: Thursday 13 June, 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. (lunchbreak 12 a.m. - 1 p.m.) 1. ENTAM certification of equipment (both horizontal and vertical test benches) for the inspection of sprayers in use 2. ENTAM/EOS certification of sprayers: possible future steps 3. Discussion about results of the round robin test on nozzles. Lunchbreak 4. Any other business Recognition of sprayers’components (other than nozzles, e.g.: tanks, filters, etc) 5. Final discussion


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