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ENTAM Partners

ENTAM was founded in 1999 by three European national testing stations carrying out "voluntary testing of performances, safety and environment protection and animal welfare requirements of animal husbandry, horticultural, agricultural and forestry machines and equipment based on national and international standards". The testing stations signed an agreement to recognise test reports and technical papers containing the results of the activities carried out by each signer.

ENTAM is currently made up of eleven members, an honorary witness (FAO) and four observer members (INTA, AFMSPTC, CEA, VIM) respectively from Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Russia).

The eleven official members are based in ten European countries:

  • Austria (BLT)
  • France (Cemagref)
  • Germany (JKI, DLG, KWF)
  • Greece (N.AG.RE.F)
  • Hungary (HIAE)
  • Italy (ENAMA)
  • Poland (PIMR)
  • Spain (CMA, EMA/CENTER)


ENTAM European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines
c/o ENAMA, Via Venafro, 5 - 00159 Rome - Italy
E-mail: info@entam.com - Tel. +39 06 40860030/40860027 - Fax +39 06 4076264