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CMA - Centre de Mecanització Agrŕria

CMA - Centre de Mecanització Agrŕria
Centre of Agricultural Mechanisation
Rovira Roure, 191
25198 Lleida - Spain
email fsolanelles@gencat.net
tel. +34 973249846 fax +34 973249403

CMA is an organisation belonging to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia). It is responsible for improving the efficiency, operation safety and environmental protection of agricultural machines, although it is mainly focused on spraying techniques. So, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out all kind of research on spraying technology. The premises of CMA are located in the agricultural campus of the University of Lleida. The activities of CMA are currently focused on three main topics:

Testing of agricultural machines
A voluntary testing programme for agricultural equipment was set up in Catalonia in 1985. It encompasses sprayers, fruit harvesting equipment, equipment to fight against forest fire and irrigation emitters. More than 150 sprayers models have been tested by CMA since the programme was started, in addition to 16 harvesting machines, 25 fire fighting units and more than 110 emitters for drip and trickle irrigation.

Inspection in sprayers in use
On a voluntary basis, more than 3200 sprayers have been tested since 1986. Nowadays, testing sprayers in use is compulsory every two years according to the regulations of integrated production (IP) in Catalonia. CMA has got a van with the necessary equipment to carry out in situ sprayer tests.

Research and technology transfer in spray application techniques
CMA has actively promoted and participated in research activities, mainly focused on air-assisted sprayers. Projects have been funded by national or international bodies. Among others, the 3-year project: "Pesticide dose adjustment for spray application in tree crops" is carried out at present. CMA is also organising field demonstrations of sprayers and training courses on spray application technologies.





ENTAM European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines
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