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MGI - Mezogazdasági Gépesítési Intézet

Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Tessedik S. u. 4., Gödöllo, H-2100 Hungary
email szente@fvmmi.hu
tel +36 28-511650 fax +36 28-511600

Main competences
grain combine harvesters - fodder harvesters - soil tilling machines - sowing machines - type approval of sprayers - manure spreaders - drawbar tests on field - agricultural driers - using/combustion of biomass - fodder processing - feeding systems - milking machines - incubators

The predecessor of the Institute, the Magyaróvár Hungarian Royal Unit of Machine Testing was established in 1869 with the aim of assisting the equipping of the nation's agriculture with machinery. Since its establishment in 1869, the objective of the Institute has been to facilitate technology development that is based on the testing of machinery and takes Hungarian potentials and circumstances into consideration. The Institute involved in finding a solution of appropriate modern machinery to meet the demands following the redistribution of land ownership. It is also involved in the preliminary technical development required for integration with Europe. The Non-profit Company of MGI for Quality Testing (FVMMI GM Kht.) was established in 1997 to use even more effectively the first-class laboratory facilities and a tire and chassis test track. In order to gain practical input the majority of the measuring tests are carried out on farms.

We wish to achieve our objectives by constantly developing and modernizing our testing equipment and increasing our knowledge.

The main goal of the agricultural mechanization is to make producers successful. This is why our research work is focused on the development of market technologies. Wide-ranging of research-development programs are launched in the field of open ground vegetable production and non-food agricultural production.

Our activities are regulated and made synoptic by the quality guarantee system (ISO 9001) audited by the international organisation TÜV Rheinland.

Our accredited laboratories:

  • Plant protecting machine examination laboratory
    The examination laboratory is able to test factory scaled field and horticultural sprayers. Besides determining the characteristics of factory scaled sprayers, portable sprayers, seed dressing machines, granule spreaders can also be tested in the laboratory.
  • Power machine laboratory – block-testing room
    Power machine tests are done at two different places. Engine characteristics and hydraulic elevating output parameters are measured in the power machine laboratory, but traction and implement measurements are done during field tests. Besides the engine testing, the determination of the characteristics of the hydraulic systems and the elevation ability measurements of the 3-point hitches are also done by the measuring system of the laboratory.
  • Energetic examination laboratory
    The activity of the energetic examination laboratory of the MGI can be divided into two parts:
  • Examination and classification of biomass furnaces
    The measuring circuit of the laboratory allows doing the firing technological and environmental measurements on furnaces with a maximum capacity of 50 kW. In case of bigger furnaces we do the measurements at the place of installations.
  • Furnace power measurements
  • Emission measurements
    – smoke gas emission measurements
    – solid emission measurements
  • Examination of bio combustibles and bio fuels
  • Examination of chemical, physical, firing technological and mechanical properties

    – size and physical characteristics examination
    – humidity determination
    – mechanical measurements
    – dust and chip content determination
    – combustion heat and fuel efficiency determination
    – volatile matter and ash content measurements
    – composition examinations
    – ash content measurements

Our aim is to facilitate and encourage the different innovation processes and to reach every single agricultural producer with the latest results and with our recommendations. Operating as an agricultural technical advisory centre we organize numerous professional programs and shows, and we publish number of publications.

The machinery test results carried out using the modern facilities have encouraged us to develop in our basic and applied research, as well as our further machinery development.

Many users, developing specialists, manufacturers and dealers have confidence in the quality seal "Proved by MGI".

We invite you to do the same!

Fig. 1 Taking advantage of the large Hungarian test areas of land, more than 80 different types of combine harvesters have been tested, often in conditions allowing for comparative studies 

Fig. 2 Important tasks for the Institute are carrying out of testing of new sprayer-types and professional co-ordinating of compulsory regular checking 

Fig. 3 The labour and litter saving housing system combined with water saving self-feeders solves the problem of slurry on pig farms. Apart from giving better production results, it also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly 


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