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Cemagref - Institut de recherche pour l'ingénierie de l'agriculture et de l'environnement

Parc de Tourvoie
BP 44
92163 Antony cedex
Tel. + 33 1 40 96 61 21
Fax + 33 1 40 96 60 36

Cemagref is a public research institute that targets results directly useable in land and water management. The goal is to produce new knowledge and technical innovations for use by managers, decision-makers and companies in providing answers to the specific questions raised by society concerning resource management, land use and development.
Work focuses on surface-water resources, land and aquatic ecosystems, predominantly rural areas, water technologies, agrosystems and food safety.

Research themes and departments
The institute focuses on 27 research themes, organised in four departments (Water resources, uses and risks; Freshwater systems, quality and pollution; Land management; Ecotechnologies and agrosystems), plus a scientific-management unit.

Research results
Cemagref research produces an array of outcomes. Publications, participation in conferences, advice and expert knowledge provided to public entities, tests and analyses, patents and software, as well as training and standardisation efforts all contribute to fulfilling the missions of the institute. These results, tailored to the needs of recipients, are subjected to quality procedures that Cemagref has already set up for tests and analyses and is in the process of setting up for research activities.

Labs and test facilities
The joint research conducted at the Cemagref is supported by a powerful experimental potential that complements the entire body of work of its research teams. Technological platforms, heavy equipment and cutting-edge technologies, operated by specialized scientists. Instrumented catchment basins, wind tunnels, a bacteriological platform, test banks and a computer center batch farm are just a few of the examples.

Test tracks and testing grounds for tractors, agricultural, forestry, and open space maintenance machinery are located in Antony.


ENTAM European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines
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