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NAPA 3800/24
NAPA 3800/24
Manufactured by: AGRIO MZS s.r.o.
Category: crop protection sprayers - boom sprayers
ENTAM recognised: YES
Testing partner: JKI
Date: 2017
Recognition: On the basis of the ENTAM agreement this test report has been recognized by the ENTAM Members with the following recognition numbers:

Austria - HBLFA (FJ-BLT): 023/2017

Spain - CMA: EPH 01/17

Italy - ENAMA: ENTAM "Rapporto di prova prestazionale" 03/2017

Hungary - MGI(HIAE): D-145/2017


Poland - PIMR: PIMR-160/ENTAM/17
Test documentation: 2017_D2064_englisch.pdf
Additional information and notes: ENTAM recognition of the JKI test report (test code: D-2064)
Sprayer type: Trailed field crop sprayer
Trade mark: Agrio
Model: NAPA 3800/24
Images: NAPA 3800/24
NAPA 3800/24