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Prestige 2800/24
Prestige 2800/24
Manufactured by: Caffini SpA
Category: crop protection sprayers - boom sprayers
ENTAM recognised: YES
Testing partner: ENAMA
Date: 2009
Recognition: On the basis of the ENTAM agreement this test report has been recognized by the ENTAM Members (ENTAM recognition n. 31/2009) with the following recognition numbers:

Austria - FJ-BLT HBLFA Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg – Biomass, Logistics, Technology: 051/09
Denmark - AU/DAE - University of Aarhus - Department of Agricultural Engineering Sciences: AU/DAE/ENTAM 2009-13
Germany - JKI Julius Kühn-Institut (formerly BBA): ENT-I-07/09
Greece - I.A.M.C. Institute of Agricultural Machinery and Constructions: ΛE/122/01/ZZ
Hungary - MGI Mezogazdasági Gépesítési Intézet: I-23/2009
Poland - PIMR Przemyslowy Instytut Maszyn Rolniczych: PIMR-31/ENTAM/09
Spain - CMA Centre de Mecanització Agrŕria EPH005/09
Switzerland - ART Forschungsanstalt Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon: I-43.09

Test documentation: 05.157_Caffini_Prestige_entam.pdf
Additional information and notes: The implement is a Trailed Field Crop Sprayer for use on herbaceous crops. The sprayer is
attached to the tractor through the towing hook (steering drawbar optional).

The Model Caffini Prestige 2800/24 has been tested, and the ENAMA test report code is 05/157

The Extensions of the Prestige 2800/24 model are the following

157ab: Prestige 2200/18 Air
157ac: Prestige 2200/18
157b: Prestige 3300/28 Air
157c: Prestige 3300/28
157d: Prestige 3300/27 Air
157e: Prestige 3300/27
157f: Prestige 3300/24 Air
157g: Prestige 3300/24r
157h: Prestige 3300/21 Air
157i: Prestige 3300/21
157j: Prestige 2800/28 Air
157k: Prestige 2800/28 r
157l: Prestige 2800/27 Air
157m: Prestige 2800/27r
157n: Prestige 2800/24 Air
157o: Prestige 2800/21 Air
157p: Prestige 2800/21
157q: Prestige 2800/20 Air
157r: Prestige 2800/20
157s: Prestige 2800/18 Air
157t: Prestige 2800/18
157u: Prestige 2200/24 Air
157v: Prestige 2200/24
157w: Prestige 2200/21 Air
157x: Prestige 2200/21
157y: Prestige 2200/20 Air
157z: Prestige 2200/20

The Extensions of a Model
At the manufacturer's request it is possible to test several models of the same range. Following checks by safety inspectors and technicians in the service centres, an evaluation is made of whether it will be possible to carry out full testing on one model and only partial checks on certain aspects of the other models (particularly in relation to the areas in which those models differ from the machine that has been fully tested). For example, if three different atomisers are to be tested for in relation to tank capacity (e.g.: 800, 1000, 1500 litres), full testing will be carried out on the 1500-liter model, while the other models will only be tested on those aspects that differ from the 1500-litre model.
In addition, the different components can be certified separately at the request of the manufacturer. In such cases, where covered by a relevant testing protocol, certain tests already conducted on the components (tanks, nozzles, etc.) would not be repeated on those machines that are equipped with these components, resulting in a tangible reduction in costs for the manufacturer.

Images: Prestige 2800/24
induction hopper

Prestige 2800/24
boom attachment