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Manufactured by: Caffini SpA
Category: crop protection sprayers - air-assisted sprayers
ENTAM recognised: YES
Testing partner: ENAMA
Date: 2009
Recognition: ENTAM recognition n. 26/2009.

ENTAM Members recognition numbers:
Germany: JKI ENT-I-01/04
Austria: BLT 038/09
Denmark: DIAS 944-5a-30
France: CEMAGREF/ENTAM/09/010
Spain: EMA 06/04/10 (099i)
Spain: EMA 06/04/9 (099h)
Spain: EMA 06/04/8 (099g)
Spain: EMA 06/04/7 (099b)
Spain: EMA 06/04/6 (099d)
Spain: EMA 06/04/5 (099f)
Spain: EMA 06/04/4 (099e)
Spain: EMA 06/04/3 (099c)
Spain: EMA 06/04/2 (099a)
Switzerland: FAT I-14.03
Hungary: HIAE I-2/2006
Greece: NAGREF AE/31/01/ZZ
Poland: PIMR PIRM-1/ENTAM/07
Test documentation: 05.099_Caffini_Trend_entam.pdf
Additional information and notes: The machine is a trailed air-assisted sprayer for use on orchard crops.
Liquid is sprayed under pressure, while drops are conveyed via an airflow
generated by an axial fan. The distribution system consists of an axial fan with the nozzles radiating out from inside the air outlet section (Trend models) or a turret conveyor with nozzles outside the air outlet section (Synthesis models).

1000/8, 1500/8, 2000/8, 1000/9, 1500/9, 2000/9, Synthesis 1000, Synthesis 1500,
Synthesis 2000.

Images: TREND Plus
Caffini Trend Plus air assisted sprayer