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HCC 03 (grey)
HCC 03 (grey)
Manufactured by: ASJ
Category: crop protection components, nozzles
ENTAM recognised: YES
Testing partner: ENAMA
Date: 2011
Recognition: On the basis of the ENTAM agreement this test report has been recognized by the ENTAM Members (ENTAM recognition n. 13/2011) with the following recognition numbers:

Austria - FJ-BLT HBLFA Francisco Josephinum Wieselburg – Biomass, Logistics, Technology: 014/11

Denmark: AU/DAE - University of Aarhus - Department of Agriculttural Engineering: AU DAE ENTAM 2011-08

France - Cemagref: CEMAGREF/ENTAM/11/033

Germany - JKI - Julius Kühn-Institut (Formerly: BBA): ENT-I-07/11

Greece - N.AG.RE.F - National Agricultural Research Foundation: ΛΕ/139/01/ΖΖ

Hungary - MGI Mezogazdasági Gépesítési Intézet: I-49/2011

Poland - PIMR Przemyslowy Instytut Maszyn Rolniczych: PIMR-66/ENTAM/11

Spain - CMA Centre de Mecanització Agrŕria: EB008/11
Test documentation: 46a_026 ASJ_HCC_03.pdf
Additional information and notes: ENTAM recognition of the ENAMA test report (test code: 46a.026)
Model: HCC 03 (grey)
Equipment type: Hollow cone hydraulic nozzle
Field of application: Air assisted sprayer
Pressure range: 3 – 15 bar